Help your children improve their Mathematics

and English with the internationally acclaimed

Future School system

Future School is:
  • Customised for your country’s school curriculum
  • Relevant to what your children are doing in their school
  • Over 20 years of proven success in the classroom
  • Used by teachers to help deliver classroom lessons
  • Personalised Study plans based on your child’s ability
  • Full reporting and monitoring for parents

FREE Skills Test... Find out what you need to be studying right now. You will receive a detailed report via email, outlining results and exactly what you need to do!

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Looking for the ultimate educational product that tailors a specific study plan on what your child is required to learn?

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  • Looking for a resource that is easy and fun to use?
  • Aligned with your classroom lessons?
  • Lessons tailored to your specific needs?

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We cater for all teachers and schools with a system designed by teachers for teachers. See how it can work for your school.

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Home Schooling

We offer the home schooling family the complete package with lessons aligned to state and regional curricula, online tutor support, tailored study plans that take the guess work out of knowing what to study, a structured learning methodology and...

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Adult Education

Future School offer business entities the opportunity to up-skill their staff, through online innovations and initiatives that carry certification as well as...

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